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E-learning is an approach to learning in which we seek the help of the internet to give knowledge to the crowd. The presence of e-learning over the internet helps the knowledge to become more accessible to the people around. Anyone can access any information over the internet. He can take video tutorials, view PDF’s of the topic and also presentations of the topic can also be downloaded from the internet. The internet is a hub of knowledge, and it is imparting this knowledge to the population with a constant and consistent approach. Also, there are some websites that allow people to take tests on certain topics that are helpful in sharpening their skills and knowledge. There are following benefits of E-Learning. 2015-06-18 16-59-46

Benefits of E-Learning


  • The e-learning systems are very fast as compared to the conventional systems. These systems are scalable and yet they stand on great efficiency to impart the knowledge to the people. The content of the e-learning modules can be easily updated abreast of new technologies.
  • The e-learning systems have very high capacity and consistency. These systems can serve millions of users at a single time. So more and more user can learn from these e-learning systems. The system’s knowledge is yet very consistent. The knowledge or information represented in one place would be same as the knowledge represented in some other place.
  • The e-learning approach provides higher learning retention among the people. The knowledge transmitted is a blend of audio and video messages. This is a more acceptable learning style as people grasp such knowledge very fast. The course can be placed up high or low depending upon the overall performance of the individual during the learning.
  • The E-learning is also very popular because it saves a lot of time and money. The expenses can be rounded off to the internet plan used. All the information is free and easy to access. To learn from these modules does not require any special ability. The user has the ability to search for things on the internet.
  • The eLearning systems are quite flexible to reach the people. The E-learning modules may help in an organization to train its employees and impart knowledge to them. The employees are granted freedom to learn wherever they want and at their own pace. The overall progress and the skill level can be measured by conducting online tests. By this, the focus can be shifted to the place where the system is lacking. 2015-06-18 17-01-41



Conventional Learning vs. E-Learning

Both types of learning, the conventional, and the E-learning are effective when the systems are built keeping in mind the skill level of the target users. There are some places where the conventional systems prove much better. Especially in the place where there is no knowledge between the users to get comfortable with the use of computers. Also, when knowledge is required to be shared fast, we should consider eLearning because it is a better and faster means to share the knowledge among the people. 2015-06-18 17-02-38