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In today’s world, we have embraced technology in almost every facet of our life to make things more convenient and accessible across all sectors. From payphones to cell phones, desktops to laptops, there are numerous examples where the advent of better technology is touching our lives and constantly making it better. Education and learning is another such field where technology has taken giant strides with the introduction of e-learning.

It is a modern phenomenon that has taken the world by storm. It basically means learning that is conducted through electronic media. With the introduction of e-learning we have the access to a wealth of information anytime of the day, anywhere in the world. Electronic learning can be internet based, intranet based or CD-ROM based and can include animation, video, audio and animation, etc.

Like any other mode of training, the quality of e-learning also rests on its content and mode of delivery. If both of these factors are right, electronic learning can offer a very immersive learning experience that can easily surpass the level of training that’s given in the classrooms. We take a look at some of the many benefits that this new form of education has to offer us.

Flexible and Self-paced – Perhaps the biggest advantage of studying via this mode is that it gives you the opportunity and flexibility to define the pace for yourself. Many of the e-learning programs can be taken up by the users when they need it. Considering the hectic of pace of our lives these days, to be able to learn something at our own leisure comes across as a very big boon.

Faster – Along with giving the users complete flexibility, electronic learning is hands down faster medium of learning than any traditional way of imparting education. Since e-learning focuses on an individualised approach, it gives users the option of skipping the part of course material that they are already familiar with and focus on areas that they are willing to learn.

Consistent – The message delivered by this mode of learning, on any given subject, is always on consistent lines. Often, different instructors teach the same subject in a slightly different way, which opens the door for ambiguity. This is particularly crucial for a company based training wherein it’s of utmost importance all that the employees get the same message. E-learning eliminates such limitations and helps deliver a uniform message to everyone.

Increased Retention – E-learning leads to increased retention since it combines the use of audio, video and animations to reinforce the message. The human tendency is to remember more of what they see rather than read and this is where infographics in electronic learning play a big role by offering increased retention. Users also have the option to replay any section of the course material that may not have been clear in the first go.

Saves time and money – One of the most evident benefits of learning with the aid of technology is the savings both in terms of time and money. E-learners can attend their training lessons anywhere, evading the need to travel long distances.